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2024 Business Investment Questionnaire

Recognizing Business Impact in Kosciusko County


Contact Information

Business Investment

Has your company added new jobs in 2023 (thus far)? If yes, how many?
Has your company invested in its local operations by purchasing equipment or expanding its facility(ies)? If yes, please share 1-2 sentences explaining the investment(s).
What was the approximate dollar amount invested in the project(s)?
Has your company made an investment in the local community? Examples might include partnering with a local nonprofit on a project. If yes, please share a brief description.
Are there other company investments or achievements you would like to share with us? Examples might include unique ways you invested in your employees. If yes, please share a brief description.

Business Opportunities & Support

Are there challenges we may be able to help you work through?
Are there growth opportunities we may be able to help you plan for?
Would you like to schedule a meeting with a KEDCO team member? If we should connect with a different person than listed above, please include the name and email.